Enjoy La Salve from the El Patio Plaza Mayor Apartments Trujillo

During this week the city of Trujillo dresses up to experience one of its most emblematic festivals, La Salve, in honor of the Virgin of Victory.

As you know, from our El Patio Plaza Mayor Trujillo apartments, you can enjoy them in an exceptional way, since they are located in a 19th century building in the heart of the town, its beautiful Plaza Mayor. But first let’s learn the history of La Salve de Trujillo.

The Virgin of Victory

On January 25, according to tradition, the Virgin of Victory appeared on the walls of Trujillo, the current Arc of Triumph, in the middle of battle against the Muslim hosts. With this miracle, Christian soldiers conquered the town, which from then on became part of the Crown of Castile under the reign of Ferdinand III.

The current image of the Virgin Santa María de la Victoria is venerated in the Castle, the old Trujillana citadel, and is a Berroqueña stone sculpture carved by Diego Durán.

The Salve de Trujillo festivities

Today, Trujillo celebrates the popular Salve in his honor and to this end it has scheduled countless activities that begin the last weeks of August and end on September 8, with the most important day being the 4th, the day of La Salve.

Therefore, these days are the right days to visit the city, which in addition to religious celebrations, is filled with sports, music, children’s activities, concerts and, as tradition dictates, festivals and brass bands.

El Patio Plaza Mayor of Trujillo

As you already know, our apartments are named after the 4 most emblematic festivals of this town, as a sign of respect and admiration for Trujillo. So much so, that our La Victoria and La Salve accommodations, located on the second floor, have capacity for 4 people each. In addition, precisely the one called La Salve, has spectacular views of the city thanks to a large terrace for private use for our guests, so that they can experience devotion to the Virgin from a privileged place.

Finally, when you feel like resting, despite being in the heart of the celebrations, our apartments have everything you need to disconnect as we have special anti-noise windows, soundproof doors and air conditioning. All that remains is to say, as her hymn sings, Hail, hail, oh victorious Judith!

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