The 2022 Cycling Tour of Spain will leave Trujillo

On September 8, the Vuelta Ciclista a España will leave the city of Trujillo. A unique event that occurs for the first time in the Extremaduran city of 9,000 inhabitants.

The day before, recreational activities related to cycling will be organized in the city center.

The Spanish round will arrive throughout the 7th with all its teams and will stay at the fairgrounds.

From there, at 12 noon on the 8th, Extremadura Day, the starting signal will be given to begin with a symbolic pick-up through the main streets of the Extremadura city until reaching the town’s Plaza Mayor.

Before the start, the public will be able to see the participating runners at the signature control.

From the 12 balconies of the El Patio Plaza Mayor Trujillo Tourist Apartments or from the terrace with panoramic views of the “La Salve” apartment, you can attend the official start of stage No. 18 with arrival in Alto de Piornal.

Don’t miss this unique opportunity to enjoy the Vuelta Ciclista a España from El Patio Plaza Mayor Trujillo! Reserve your apartment now!

Good luck to the runners!

Long live Trujillo! Long live Extremadura!

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